What is Eminus Mirus?


EM is short for “Eminus Mirus” which is Latin for “astonishing at a distance.” EM is “non-touch.” All treatments, whether they are sent 1 foot away or 1000 miles away are sent “at a distance”. EM was developed by Ethan Borg M.A.OM., L. Ac.  He is a local acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine.

To learn more about EM and Ethan Borg go to the websites: www.eminusmirus.com and www.ethanborg.com.

You may receive EM treatments from me, Carol McCoon, through Singing Wind Sound Therapy. I am studying EM Level 4, increasing my understanding of Chinese medicine, the Feng Shui of Tissue Angles, updating my understanding of the most recent developments in human anatomy and physiology. I treat clients daily from home. In person appointments are available at Hands That Heal Massage and Wellness Center in Pittsford on Wednesdays.


EM Level 4  adds higher EM Intensities to your treatments. Treatments may be delivered as EM Drips, being applied once per second for 15 minutes as you relax at home. Balancing the Five Elements within organs and cells increases your body's natural healing processes to be more effective. 

Studying with Ethan Borg and communicating with other EM practitioners weekly, has enhanced my understanding of how disease and dysfunction may be addressed through the application of Eminus mirus (EM) treatments.  I’m currently teaching EM Level 1. My goal is to begin teaching EM Level 2 this summer. If you are interested in hosting a class at your business or at a nearby park this summer, please contact me.

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I began practicing EM in May 2019 and now have around 24 clients receiving distance EM treatments on a weekly basis. EM is distance energetic healing, similar in some ways to Reiki, but with the three foundations of Chinese medicine, the physics of Feng Shui, and modern understandings of human anatomy and physiology. I’m learning to assess which treatments to send, and how to utilize a resource of over a thousand treatments that address most health issues such as muscle pain, acne, strep throat, allergies, and general or localized inflammation.


EM balances the energetic and physical functioning of everything from larger body systems to molecular interactions. The treatments are very specific, i.e. the Motion Sickness Treatment prevented my friend’s grandson from experiencing his typical car sickness during the drive to and from Maine. The treatments can be directed to specific regions of the body and the numerous causative factors in a health issue, i.e. the inflammation in my cervical vertebrae is almost completely eliminated. Ethan Borg produced this system of healing that can be used to address the underlying pathogenic factors contributing to everything from the common cold and Strep throat, to Lyme’s disease and even cancer of many different types.


In my limited experience, I am already discovering that this modality is effective at changing health outcomes. A friend’s horse had something causing her to be irritable, kick things, and refuse to have a bridle put over one of her ears for over six months. The vet found nothing specific to treat. A week after I sent EM treatments to address possible parasites and pathogens my friend was in tears that her horse was back to her calm demeanor and was happy to be ridden again.