Carol McCoon
Singing Wind Sound Therapy 


Specializing in transforming stress and trauma into

new levels of vibrant health & wellness


Meet Carol

Carol began providing laying on of hands healing to friends when she was 18. Throughout many years of practicing healing methods, Carol has used singing, drumming, and specific background music to promote the shift from old patterns of pain and dis-ease, into renewed states of calmness and clarity. By letting go of pain, the sacred music of one’s soul is felt and heard again.

Biofield Tuning begins to renew the vibration of a client’s biofield in the space of an hour session! This refined method for changing health raises feelings of hope. It also provides information about the early basis for current issues, which can direct the choice of Eminus mirus treatments. Based on Chinese medicine, EM is a system of specific treatments. Carol is now offering this new modality to clients.

A Sound Approach to Health and Well-Being

During a session, you will be laying down, fully dressed,  and tuning forks will be used on and around the body. For energy that is slow to release, you will be asked about the specific period in your life related to the stuck emotional energy. The tuning forks change the vibration of the energy in that location of your biofield, and the returned energy is returned to your body through your chakras. Now the healed energy is available to you.

Biofield Tuning Session 

Specific Organ Sessions

Relationship Session

Back Session

Seated Chair Session

Scar Treatments

Distance Biofield Tuning Session

Sonic Meridian Flush Session


What Clients Say

"I had profound healing experiences while receiving four Biofield Tuning sessions with Carol McCoon.  For many years I have had different health issues around my right hip and pelvis.  Joint pain, bursitis, numbness, chronic restrictions, and most recently ovarian cysts.  I have previously received treatment through chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, herbs and even surgery for these problems.  I am not exaggerating when I say that ALL of that cleared up.  I felt profound releases in that whole area in a very gentle, relaxing way.  My life has changed for the better!  I highly recommend Carol and her expertise with the Biofield Tuning technique."

D. D. June 2019


"Every illness is a musical problem--the healing, a musical solution...

Novalis, The Encyclopedia (1772-1801)